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My Verse is a short experimental documentary, written and produced by Wilson Santos. The film fuses spoken-word with found footage, to create a compelling story of human tragedy and hope for a better future.

In a world satiated by countless unseen and unacknowledged human tragedies, there are millions of silent little voices that are never heard from. My Verse gives “voice to the voiceless.” The film reveals these unseen and unheard tragedies and lays bare the hidden suffering of so many children, by speaking for them through a visual world tour, coupling montage imagery with raw spoken-word poetry. My Verse exposes the injustices and inequities visited upon these children, by forcing the audience to look closely at not only the images depicted and the words spoken, but innately at their own lives. The film compels one to look within and appreciate the lives they live, while asking if there’s more they could do to alleviate the sufferings of others.

In only 5 minutes, this ambitious experimental documentary spans four continents and six countries, while addressing decades of social and political struggles, to invoke a sense of “one-world” camaraderie amongst its viewers. Ultimately, My Verse is not about one child, but all children. My Verse is not about one tragedy, but all tragedies.

If you want to view or screen the film at an event or school, please send a direct request via email.


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